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Six Pack Surgery

Six pick surgery, which means abdominal muscle aesthetics, is also called baklava abdominal aesthetics in our country. Six pack surgery is an effective operation which is preferred mostly by men and gives the appearance of rippling muscles in the abdominal area. The operation, which creates a distinct contour in the abdomen, is requested by people who want to gain a more fit and younger appearance.

Six pack surgery which is applied to people who want to build muscles with intense sports and diet practices for such an appearance, can easily give these people the baklava sliced abdominal muscles they desire. In fact, there are baklava slices in the abdominal area from the navel to the chest. However, in order to reveal these muscles, long-term and regular sports are required. For those who cannot afford to carry out these long-term sports activities, six pack surgery is one of the most effective methods. Six baklava slices can be formed in people who have six pack surgery without the need for sports. However, in order to ensure its permanence, habits such as frequent eating and unhealthy lifestyle should be terminated after surgery.

What is Six Pack Surgery, How is it done?

Six pack surgery is basically used to control the fat in the chest area. The methods to be applied herein may also vary according to the degree of fat. If the fat in the person’s chest is excessive, then the gynecomasty will restore the breasts. After this, the excess fat in the abdominal area is extracted by liposuction, the abdominal muscles in the area are designed and when necessary, abdominoplasty is carried out and the process is terminated. Six pack baklava slices can be formed after an average of 1 hour of surgery.

When does the Six Pack Effect Appear?

The effects of six pack surgery can be seen immediately after the operation. However, swelling and edema may occur for a while due to surgery therefore, a complete and successful six pack appearance appears after 7 to 10 days. In order to have a more comfortable process after six pack surgery, the incumbent should pay attention to what he eats and drinks. Eating excess food or losing excess weight can cause the muscles to disappear. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balanced diet and exercise to maintain the appearance.

There is no need for any aesthetic concerns in terms of six pack surgery which is a non-scarring procedure. Only a number of fine marks may remain under the skin because of the liposuction application. However, they disappear spontaneously very quickly.

Things to Consider Before and After Six Pack Surgery

There are certain things that people who decide to have six pack surgery should pay attention to before and after the operation. Some of these are:

  • Stay away from anticoagulants and food before surgery,
  • A corset is recommended by the doctor after surgery. This corset accelerates the healing process of the patient.
  • After the operation, the person should have a more regular daily life. Regular eating habits and regular sports will maintain the muscular appearance.

You can achieve your desired fit and athletic appearance by taking all these measures and develop an effective solution against spot fat accumulation. You can get the baklava slices you want in a short time with six pack surgery without any scarring, incisions and pain.