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Nose Aesthetics

Nose aesthetics are among the most commonly performed aesthetic operations for the purpose of looking beautiful and pleasant. The nose protrudes in the center of the face, therefore its shape affects the whole appearance of the person’s face. Nose aesthetics are aimed at correcting the arched appearance of the innate nasal structure of the person or the curvature of the nasal bone. This bone curvature, nasal flesh, or arched nasal condition may cause intense nasal congestion and shortness of breath after a while. Most of the time nose aesthetics are done for both health reasons as well as a more pleasing appearance.

Surgery carried out on the nose which is one of the respiratory organs of an individual must definitely allow continuous healthy breathing. Nowadays, men or women have many nasal esthetics performed by applying different methods. First of all, the nose shape which is suitable for the person’s face is determined with various visuals. Then the operation is performed. Any procedure on the nose which is a vital organ must be carried out in a fully equipped hospital by a specialist doctor.

Nose Aesthetics Methods

The most frequently preferred aesthetic procedure in our country is nose aesthetics. With the developing technology in recent years, nose aesthetics are performed with many different methods which means less pain and less recovery time. 3 different methods are used, namely open nose aesthetics, closed nose aesthetics and non-surgical nose aesthetics. The method is determined by considering the health status of the person and the deformation of the nose. Before any one of these methods is applied, photographs are taken and various drawings and shaping are done to determine what kind of nose the person should have after surgery or procedure.

Before the nose aesthetics, the person has to decide why he wants to do this. In addition, nose aesthetics should not be performed before the age of 18 if possible. The incumbent should discuss with the doctor in detail what he expects from this operation. Particularly, he should accept that after an open operation, he will feel pain, as well as bruising lasting up to 10 days, sometimes up to 1 month.

Whether the open or closed method is used, aesthetic nose operations take approximately 1 to 4 hours. In the open method, the incision is made on the tip of the nose. The entire nose is opened and the necessary shape is given to the related bone. In the closed method, all incisions remain inside the nose. In these two methods, swelling will continue for 10 days and the exact shape of the nose is manifested in 1 month. It takes up to 1 year for the exact shape to be manifested after an aesthetic nose operation.

Nose Tip Aesthetics

This procedure is the easiest among nose aesthetics operations. It is an operation performed only on the soft part of the tip of the nose without interfering with the main bone. It is made because the tip of the nose is downward looking, leans to one side, is too raised or has a sharp structure. Deformations are eliminated and breathing is restored to normal.

Considerations after Nose Aesthetics

  • Breathing will be done through the mouth after the operation because of tampons and bandages so water should be drunk frequently.
  • Soft and easily chewed foods should be consumed.
  • Lip cream should be applied to keep lips moist.
  • Breathing through the mouth continues until the pads are removed.
  • Anticoagulants are forbidden.
  • The head should be kept at an angle of 30 degrees during sleep.
  • Since the nose is close to the mouth, a soft brush should be used for brushing teeth.
  • Avoid bending and heavy lifting up to 15 days after the operation.
  • Eyeglasses should not be worn for 3 months.
  • Clean your nose very gently with the ointment and ear stick provided by the doctor after the pads have been removed.

Avoid direct sunlight for 1 month.