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Face Lift

Over the years, the effects of aging appear on every human skin. This effect is manifested as sagging skin and wrinkles. Smoking, alcohol consumption and irregular eating habits accelerate these changes in the skin. At the same time, inadequate care has this effect on skin. It is possible for people who have regular skin care and take care of their nutrition to delay these effects. However, despite these changes in the skin, aesthetic procedures can be applied. One of these applications is a face lift.

Face lift is a commonly used treatment method in the aesthetic field nowadays. Beauty salons, aesthetic departments of hospitals and specialist doctors who have private practices offer an application that makes the skin look absolutely youthful. Face lifts are carried out by plastic surgeons with many different methods.

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Sagging and wrinkles on the face can be removed without surgical procedures.  In this process of rejuvenation, it is necessary to make a good analysis of the patient’s skin and to be an expert on the subject. It is possible that younger looking skin can be achieved with results similar to the results of a surgical face lift without surgery. A face lift without general anesthesia aims to get a quick result and to avoid the effects of surgery.

Skin repair is also carried out during the face lift procedure. Thus, wrinkles that may occur at a later time are delayed. Non-surgical face lifting is carried out with different methods. The patient and the doctor select the appropriate method and then it is applied. The person looks younger and has a healthier looking face.

 PRP Mesolift Face Lift with Salmon DNA

This method eliminates sagging and wrinkles with beneficial substances that are applied to the skin. These substances are administered in the form of vitamin vaccines with tiny injections. PRP is a useful and rich growth hormone vaccine that is unique to the patient’s blood. Salmon also contains polynucleotide that repairs skin. Mezolift vitamin is a mixture of antioxidants and useful vitamins. The method of injecting all of these three regularly and correctly into the skin is called the PRP mesolift salmon DNA method.

It is known as the method that delivers the best results against sagging and wrinkles among non-surgical face lift methods. Mesolift is also used to care for and moisturize skin. It is a measure not only for wrinkles but also for problems that will occur in the coming years. The method which is applied by a specialist according to the condition of the skin is used especially for people who are not suitable for surgery.

 Face Lift with Laserlift

This face lift is done with a laser. The skin and the subcutaneous tissues are heated with laser application. After this heating, laserlift enables the production of collagen. This production in the skin  and underneath the skin makes the skin look taut. This tautness also generates regeneration. If mesolift is applied in addition to the 3 to 4 sessions on average, efficiency is doubled. The effect is observed between 1 and 1.5 years. The procedure can be applied again after the effect has passed.

Face Lift with Micro Focus Ultrasound

The method of tightening the subcutaneous tissues with sound waves, which is one of the non-surgical methods, is called micro ultrasound face lift. It is often used to correct sagging of the cheeks. It is also a method used to correct double chins and redefine the jaw line. Subcutaneous tissues can be reached with sound waves without any incisions. SMAS subcutaneous tissue is tightened with sound waves. After this tightening, focus ultrasound is applied. The effect of this method applied as a single session is observed between 1 and 1.5 years.